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 "Sixty cents. Gee whiz!" a middle-aged man commented cheerfully to me, examining the ample bags of carrots and other ripe produce that an employee had just set out on the deals shelf of the Berkeley Bowl. I want to know if he uses such a quaint expression on a daily basis. The seafood person got chatty too, advising me to come back on the weekends for their small batch of Tomales Bay manila clams, and insisting that weekends are no longer as hectic as they once were since the opening of BB West. Chatting in supermarkets is fun, at least around here.

I think, however, that this may be the last grocery trip until post-exam...


dead ringer

USA Today Crossword. No cheats. 21:01. Yessssssss. And this is the second time this week I've gotten "DEADRINGER" in a crossword.

By the way, I am officially going crazy. Picked up the Henry Lawes book from my bed, flipped it open hoping to engage myself, and then flung it violently onto the bed. I can't wait until April 16 is past ... oh wait, after that starts term-paper-writing hell. And by the time I'm done, I will have thoroughly failed to plan my concert tour and will have nowhere to go for the summer. Doh.


in a past life...

I always like to blabber about the things I think I was in a past life -- a nun (hence my fondness for sacred architecture, art, and music), a construction worker (hence my love of construction sites and itch to operate a crane one day), and homeless bum (hence my fondness for the undersides of highway overpasses). But apparently I may have been something else entirely.

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Alchemist.

Where You Lived: New Guinea.

How You Died: Suicide.


letter to Wegman's

I am very pleased that you offer recycling bins for plastic bags. An estimated 100 billion bags are thrown away by U.S. consumers each year. The average American family of four throws away about 1,500 single-use polyethylene bags, which do not degrade for around 1,000 years. But less than 1% of those bags are actually recycled. Most of my friends aren't even aware of your recycling bin for plastic bags.

I hope you will take your conservation efforts further. Some groceries in my home state of California give small discounts for customers who bring their own tote bags, and cities and countries from Ireland to Australia and Rwanda have already banned the use of plastic bags. Last June, IKEA began charging its U.K. customers for plastic bags and reduced its bag consumption by 95 percent: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070221/us_nm/environment_usa_ikea_dc

IKEA is the first retailer to stop giving away free plastic bags in the U.S., and Wegman's could join at the forefront of this movement. Incentives and a campaign to use fewer plastic bags will ultimately save your money as well as our environment.

slow on the uptake

Signed up for the blood drive today. Wasn't until I was about to walk away that I realized that I couldn't -- I'd lost a significant (but certainly not serious) amount of blood from the operation in December. Crossed my name off the list, mumbling an excuse about my schedule. It's hard to imagine how I could be so sleep-deprived at the beginning of the semester, but as the workload's not going to get any lighter, it's better to start the all-nighters now rather than pull them all in a row later.



OWWWWW. I'll take anyone and their mothers cycling, but the rest of this is just too painful for words.

In 2007, consuehlo resolves to...
Give up construction sites.
Take twilightfugue biking.
Cut down to ten pranks a day.
Go cooking three times a week.
Become a better light.
Give up stargazing.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


bye daylight savings

When I was a little kid, I thought DST was a bank promotion. Makes sense, doesn't it? I just couldn't understand how the government could sponsor such a clearly commercial event. I also didn't (and still don't) understand banks.

Today I've woken up the earliest I've done all year in order to start practicing at, what Bill tells me, is the school opening time. Let's just hope the practicing does more good for the church service than the grogginess caused by waking up early after Paul's halloween party.


And all of a sudden I drop the names of the sponsors and that they're not happy, and she does a big switcheroo. As if nothing had happened and she'd been okay with it all along.

Mystifying. But at this point it's no longer my concern, as Susan had suggested a bit prematurely. I have work to do.

ding dong

With all the judges except Geert opposed to my playing a transcription, who would have thought they'd select it over Allard's Image No. 2 as my finale(!) piece, and who would have thought they'd give me the highest score on that, out of all things! Especially considering my screwups while my phone was going "ding-dong" as my feet were going "ding-dong".

It is a beautiful thing to have the time to walk a heavy sack of glass bottles down the street to the recyling point, to enjoy the golden evening sun and to respond to the unexpected hellos on the street of strangers who detect that you are suddenly very friendly to the world. To be part of the real world, just for a few hours...

Now back to the pressure cooker.

well said

"You probably have heard people are very upset that Bush thinks he can wiretap anybody without even getting a warrant. Warrants are given by judges based upon evidence. Bush isn't into evidence. He's a faith-based kind of guy." [article]